Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mama Chat

I'm a tired Mama. P'Diddy is not sleeping good. Or I should I say he barely sleeps at all. Aren't almost seven month olds supposed to get hours of sleep?  2 naps and a good 12 hours at night? Not my guy.

On a happier note my mom is in town visiting. Her first night here she made us dinner. Gosh, I miss my mom cooking for me. So yummy!

What have you got planned this holiday weekend? We're going to do lots of fun things including mini golf, county parks, & of course the beach :)

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Julie Kieras said...

oh I feel your pain... we went camping all weekend and Asher slept TERRIBLY! Not to mention I hardly sleep well when we camp anyway, AND it was ice-freezing cold at night! So I am on like NO sleep right now! And no, mine doesn't sleep 12 hours yet either - stinks! :) Get some rest!!!