Saturday, September 25, 2010

Garage Sales

Raise your hand if you garage sale! Or maybe I should say add a comment if you garage sale!
Me Me Me!

This morning I took my two older boys garage saling (is that a word?) with me. O'Bear actually BEGS me to go and sometimes counts down the days until it is Saturday. This morning we had a neighborhood sale and we got out the house early. Look at what we found...

8 books  ranging from $.25 - $1 each
Toy Sword $.25
Webkinz Snake & Otter $2 each
Batman Plane/Motorcycle $3
Stickers & Pirate tub thing Free
Baby Pjs $2
Boy Pjs $1
Toy Vacuum $1
Baby Jumper $2

What is the best garage deal you have found?

5 crunchy comments:

JKMommy said...

Oh yeah! I am totally back into it now that I'm home with the baby (previously I was too busy correcting English papers to THINK about leaving the house!). I have gotten some GREAT finds too - Gymboree clothing for $1-2, books, etc... love it. Need to hit up some more! :)
This is a good idea for a post!

EmmysBoosAndRawrs said...

I love yard saling. My favorite is finding a sale that has clothes in my size and my style. That's the ultimate jack pot for me, haha. It's harder to find stuff when you aren't a mom yet, but I can't imagine having kids and NOT going because there is so much great stuff out there for kids at yard sales.

Mary said...

Wow you got some great stuff for great prices! I am not good at garage saling (I think that is a word) but my mom is always good at finding great things. I have a lot to learn :)

I am visiting from the relax & Surf sunday! I am now follwing your blog :)

Kari said...

I just bought that same vacuum a couple days ago from Toys R Us for 15!

I'm your newest follower from the blog hop! Hope you can stop by and visit.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE garage sales!