Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winners & Next Event!

Winners! HUGE Congrats!

Soda Stream
Amorette said... 127 entered the strawsome giveaway!
(but you're so glad to have won this I bet! :)

Strawesome's Glass Straw
Angela said... 45 I love your emails
(and no she didn't win cuz she said it :)

Hyena Cart's Rebel T/LC's tops/lids/covers
Lindsey said... 67 I follow through GFC & FB!
(one of my best BeachBums Lindsey is...she knows how to win :)

Hazenut Kids Bamboo Game
Cindy said... 61 Be a BeachBum Follower through Google Friend AND Facebook
YUP - done deal
(thanks Cindy glad you joined us during Plastics Week :)

(tweets are greatly appreciated! :)

Now that Plastics Week is over I want to ANNOUNCE......

Cloth Christmas Week!
 December 6 - 10

Monday ~ Etsy's Caboose Cloth ~ Custom Wipes

Tuesday ~ Green Time Bags ~ Snack Bags & Napkins

Wednesday ~ My Baby's Green ~ Organic Baby Romper

Thursday ~ Babylegs ~ 2 'Legs, 2 Socks & Tights

Friday ~ ThanksMama ~ TotBots AIO Cloth Diaper

AND THIS FRIDAY ~ $150 Zuvo Water Filtration System!!

2 crunchy comments:

Lindsey said...

Your blog is so fun! And I'm NOT just saying that for extra entries for Cloth Christmas Week!!! ;)

But I sure am excited for it!!!

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Woo Hoo Cloth diapers week!