Friday, October 22, 2010

Events & Winners

I want to share all my events with you for the next couple of months!

Upcycled Week ~ next week!
Each day I will teach a little about upcycling and do a feature/giveaway!
Monday ~ Scarf tutorial by Jenelle from TNT: TrashN2Tees ~ we want to see yours!
Tuesday - Upcycled Wool Covers from Kangadu
Wednesday - Recycled Christmas Ornament & more from Etsy's Brandy Fisher
Thursday - Cloth Diapers & Wipes made from T-shirts - Etsy's Cloth Diaper Mommy
Friday - & TerraCycle
Saturday - Upcycled Magnets & more from Etsy's Beans Things

Plastics Week ~ Nov. 15th - Nov. 19th
Each day will be a feature/giveaway on plastic alternatives
EcoMom $15 - stainless steel sippy cup
HazelNut Kids - bamboo game
Strawesome - glass straws
Hyena Cart's Rebel T/L/Cs - Tops, Lids, Covers
Soda Stream!

Cloth Christmas ~ Dec. 6th - 10th
Everything cloth - still working out details
Cloth Wipes
Unpaper Towels

What Do You Think? Are You Ready?! :)

Winners from the past week!
Etsy's Springvale Soaps
Jasmine1485 said... 45 I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485 and my favorite scent is 'Black Raspberry Vanilla'
And she picked that scent! Ymmm...which was also the one that won the vote for my next purchase. Followed closely by Pumpkin Spice. Great choices everyone. Thanks!

 TNT: TrashN2Tees
karasceviour said... 75 I learned that she lives in Kentucky and she has 2 boys
Want to see what she ordered? Cute!

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Lindsey G. said...

I am so ready! :)

MommieVentures said...

I am excited about all of this!

JKMommy said...

I can't WAIT for unpaper towels! I just discovered these on Etsy and have wanted to get some!!! :) These sound like awesome weeks and I'm so glad you did a preview! What a great idea! :)