Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Face Painting

We are a sucker for Kid's Nights at restaurants. Tuesday nights are huge around here for promoting free kid's meals. One place we frequently visit is Chick-fli-a. Not only because each child receives a 4 count meal but because they always have an activity to go along with it. Last night? Face painting!

My boys were standing in line, waiting patiently for their turn. They kept pointing at the board where all their choices were laid out and changing their mind about what they wanted to plaster on their face. Now, I am not a big fan of face painting. Why? It is to messy and the paint ends up getting over everything! So I calmly ask the boys what are they going to get. C'Man speaks up right away and says a paw print! He is pointing to the orange paw and thinking about Clemson I'm sure. Good choice buddy. I turn to O'Bear. With a huge grin on this face he shows me a shark. Not a small shark but one that covers his entire mouth and up the side of his face. I immediately tried to talk him out of it. Do you think that worked?

Not a chance! I have to admit though that it was kinda cute. I had never seen anything like it before. He loved it. That's all that counts right? And C'Man? He apparently forgot he wanted a paw. :)

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